News | BMG | Hollywood, 01/11/2023

A Star For Billy Idol

BMG artist Billy Idol was honored with a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star unveiled last weekend in a ceremony with the artist is the first star of the year. Since 1960, a total of 2,743 artists and celebrities from the film, TV, music, radio and theater industries have been honored with a star.

The first star of 2023 on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled last weekend for BMG artist Billy Idol. The ceremony, which was rescheduled due to heavy rains, was livestreamed to Billy Idol fans around the world. The guest speakers at the ceremony included singer and actor Henry Rollins and famed graphic artist Shepard Fairey. “Since the beginning of his career, Billy Idol has held the hearts of many of his fans, who will finally be able to visit his star,” said Hollywood Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez.

Billy Idol’s is the 2,743rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is managed by The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce since the unveiling of the first star in 1960 for director Stanley Kramer. The honor is conveyed to artists and celebrities from the film, TV, music, radio and theater industries. Idol’s star can be located at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard, appropriately placed in front of the famous Amoeba Hollywood record store. First stepping into the scene as the frontman for Generation X between 1977 and 1981, Billy Idol has been one of the key faces and voices of rock’n’roll music throughout his 45-year career. Idol released his latest EP “The Cage” via Dark Horse Records/BMG in September 2022. The artist was joined on the four-track EP by longtime collaborator, co-writer and guitarist Steve Stevens.