News | RTL Group | Potsdam, 09/14/2022

‘All Or Nothing’ Provides Deep Insights Into Germany’s National Soccer Team (DFB)

The German national soccer team will be accompanied by a film team during the World Cup in Qatar. UFA Documentary is collaborating with Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service to shoot a six-part documentary about national coach Hansi Flick’s team. The production will also address the difficult human rights situation in the desert state.

Be a fly on the wall in the quest for the fifth star: Before and during the World Cup in Qatar, UFA Documentary and Prime Video will accompany the German national soccer team to produce  a documentary. The six-part series “All or Nothing” will show fans what happens in front of and behind the scenes of the tournament held from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

Viewers will see how the DFB team prepares for the special situation in the controversial host country, and how it tackles the athletic challenges as it pursues its ambition of winning the tournament for Germany. “We really are going to let everyone get up close and personal. I think this is going to be a good thing,” says national coach Hansi Flick, who is clearly pleased about  the project. “The documentary series follows us as we strive to get back to the top of world soccer, and shows how hard we work to get there.”

Marc Lepetit, UFA Documentary Managing Director and Producer, is likewise excited about the months ahead: “It is an honor to bring together the fascination of the game and the crew behind the DFB team, the challenges of the biggest tournament in the soccer world, and the narrative form of the format. We will take everyone on a journey through the tournament and paint a picture that may not have seen before.” The production will also address the human rights situation in the desert country of Qatar. “We will definitely not ignore the topic. I don’t think the players want that either,” says UFA Managing Director Nico Hofmann.

The docuseries will be produced by Amazon Studios in collaboration with UFA Documentary and in co-production with Stereo Films. It will launch exclusively on Prime Video in spring 2023. The DFB team was already accompanied by a film crew once before, during the 2006 World Cup in its home country. At the time, director Sönke Wortmann was filming what would become the movie “Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen.” Earlier seasons of the Amazon series “All or Nothing” have provided insights into the professional life of teams including Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern Munich, and Manchester City.