News | Arvato | Berlin, 11/08/2017

Arvato creates a new brand for the Healthcare Market

Arvato CRM Healthcare has merged its services for workplace health promotion with the digital solutions of its Welldoo subsidiary under the name Vilua. The new umbrella brand’s offer is especially interesting for healthcare companies and health insurance funds as well as larger companies. Vilua combines digital applications with personal coaching to encourage more employees to participate in preventive healthcare at the workplace.

As part of Arvato CRM Solutions, Arvato Healthcare sees great potential in the market for health promotion in the workplace. To exploit this, the division has pooled its activities in this area with the services of its CRM subsidiary Welldoo and founded a new brand: Vilua. Welldoo GmbH specializes in digital healthcare solutions and moved from Gruner + Jahr to Arvato at the end of 2016. Vilua's offer is aimed at healthcare companies and health insurance funds, as well as companies that invest in their preventive healthcare for their employees.

Preventiometer: quick and easy health check

The new brand is a complementary combination of Welldoo's expertise in health apps and Arvato CRM Solutions’ many years of experience in developing digital communications solutions. Vilua is to be characterized by a combination of digital solutions, especially apps, and personal contact with a health coach to advise and support employees. A good example of this is the health check-up using the “Preventiometer,” which measures relevant data such as body weight, blood pressure, hearing and vision, and stress levels on a virtual bike ride. Based on this information, a prevention coach develops an individual health program for the employee, coordinating with them both digitally and face to face. Arvato CRM Healthcare says that previous programs using the Preventiometer have resulted in increased workforce participation in preventive health measures.

Approximately 170 employees work for Vilua

Besides workplace health promotion and prevention, improving the quality of life of chronically ill patients is one of Vilua's focuses. Other priorities include developing prototypes for new digital applications, and evaluating medical data. Jens Härtel, Managing Director of Vilua and Vice President Arvato CRM Healthcare, describes the concept: “At Vilua the focus is always on supporting the user, who may be a patient, a company employee, or an insured person. The aim is to help people to change their behavior in order to ultimately improve their quality of life.” Around 170 employees currently work for Vilua, ranging from healthcare professionals such as doctors and pharmacists to certified coaches, designers and developers. 

Open for interesting offers from startups

Daniel Welzer, CEO of Arvato CRM Solutions Germany, explains the reasons behind the new umbrella brand: “Innovative and digital solutions for the healthcare industry are an exciting growth area for Arvato CRM Solutions, not just in Germany. Against this backdrop, the merger of Arvato CRM Solutions’ healthcare division and Welldoo under the new Vilua brand was an important step in rounding off our healthcare portfolio. With this newly created team of 170 employees, our digital solutions expertise, our years of experience in customer communications, and our international network, we are able to provide integrated solutions to existing and potential healthcare customers.”

Because apps and new digital offers develop rapidly in the healthcare industry as elsewhere, Vilua CEO Härtel is open to integrating interesting offers from startups in Vilua’s Digital Health business. The Preventiometer developed by the Stuttgart company Ipex5 is an example of such cooperation. “We systematically monitor the market, but also work on developing our own products. For example, new mobile solutions to make it easier for users to compile their own individual health and counseling program.”