News | Arvato Group | Gütersloh, 05/14/2019

Arvato Systems Creates Artificial Intelligence Competence Cluster

Packaged Application Competencies for intelligent IT

  • Arvato Systems "AI Competence Cluster" delivers intelligence for smart products
  • Artificial Intelligence specialists drawn from all areas of the company

With experts from across the company working together in a virtual team, Arvato Systems has packaged the application capabilities needed for Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the "AI Competence Cluster". Experts from key disciplines have come together in this network to ensure the success of AI projects. This enables the development and delivery of comprehensive, professional services for smart products, processes, decision systems and services.

From the implementation of Cloud-based pre-trained AI functions and services to the development of proprietary neural networks, Artificial Intelligence offers great opportunities and already enables companies to design business models significantly more efficiently. In digitization initiatives and in the context of process automation challenges, the use of Artificial Intelligence brings a high potential for competitive advantages, and the AI Competence Cluster also helps in identifying these.

For some time now, Arvato Systems has been growing its expertise in the fields of data science and machine learning - both basic prerequisites for the application of Artificial Intelligence. In Arvato Systems' Data Lab, for example, data specialists translate large amounts of data ("big data") into mathematical solutions and offer a technological platform for the integration of (mass) data.

With the AI Competence Cluster, Arvato Systems now takes the next step, tightening the already close connection between these skills and other key disciplines so as to be able to develop intelligent solutions based on AI in an even more focused manner. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into company business processes, which includes the training and operation of in-house neural networks, demands a special mix of expert skills. Data engineering, data science and cloud native applications knowledge needs to be combined with an in-depth understanding of the industry. And this is exactly what happens with the AI Competence Cluster.

With their package of skills and competencies, Arvato Systems can support customers from the very beginning, helping them identify where their greatest AI potential lies, creating a tailored AI strategy and roadmap and supporting them in the implementation of smart AI and machine learning applications and real-time decision systems.

Arvato Systems makes it easy to get started with AI while at the same time offering a wide range of scaling options. Professionally created Design Thinking workshops and hackathons allow customers to quickly receive their first demo applications as part of a proof-of-concept. Arvato Systems is able to quickly enter the market for further scaling using a strong and established partner network as well as state-of-the-art methodologies such as DevOps.

About Arvato Systems
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