News | Bertelsmann Investments | Gütersloh, 08/22/2023

Bertelsmann Investments Invests in Startup to Improve Quality of Cancer Care

  • Bertelsmann Investments takes a stake in Onqo Health
  • Investment in the millions of euros
  • Continued expansion of future-oriented Bertelsmann Next division
  • Around 70 million euros invested in digital health to date

Gütersloh, August 22, 2023 – Bertelsmann Investments (BI) and Isartal Ventures, a subsidiary of the Wort & Bild publishing group, are jointly investing in the healthcare startup Onqo Health, which develops support systems for making decisions about oncological treatments. BI alone is investing millions of euros.

Carsten Coesfeld, CEO of Bertelsmann Investments, commented: “The investment in Onqo Health is another strategic step in the expansion of our growth division Bertelsmann Next, where we focus on investments in future-oriented topics of digital health, mobile gaming, and HR tech. Onqo Health makes an important contribution to improving the quality of oncological treatments. I am pleased that we, too, can make a contribution to this important topic with our investment.”

Peter Koop, Senior Vice President Bertelsmann Investments, added: “We are very pleased to have made another investment in the digital health sector with our investment in Onqo Health. The European healthcare market has enormous potential. As a highly specialized player, Onqo will contribute to cancer patients receiving the best possible level of treatment.”

Dr. Jasmin Saric, Chief Executive Officer Onqo Health GmbH, said: “Onqo Health is committed to optimizing oncology care and extending the lives of cancer patients with the help of intelligent knowledge delivery. With Bertelsmann Investments and Isartal Ventures, we now have two strong partners at our side to jointly improve the lives and quality of life of those fighting cancer.”

Andreas Arntzen, CEO of the Wort & Bild publishing group, elaborated: “In oncology, innovations open up new hope and perspectives for patients. As a leading provider of health media, we firmly believe that optimized communication between physicians and specialist committees, as well as systematically building the health literacy of those affected, can significantly increase the quality of oncological care. We believe in Onqo Health because it stands for holistic collaboration in the fight against cancer, offering patients the best possible chance for a cure and quality of life. Alongside Bertelsmann Investments, we are delighted to enter into this forward-looking partnership.”

About Bertelsmann Investments
Bertelsmann Investments (BI) comprises Bertelsmann’s global venture capital activities as well as the Bertelsmann Next growth unit. The venture capital arm includes the Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Bertelsmann India Investments (BII) and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI) funds, as well as selected fund and direct holdings in markets including Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Africa. The Bertelsmann Next unit advances the entrepreneurial development of new growth sectors and business areas, including digital health, mobile gaming and HR Tech. To date, around €1.7 billion has been invested in more than 400 innovative companies and funds through Bertelsmann Investments. Bertelsmann Investments currently holds over 300 active investments worldwide through its network of start-ups and funds.

About Onqo Health GmbH
- Treatment support for better quality in cancer care.
Onqo develops support systems for making decisions about oncology treatments by translating the latest research into treatment algorithms. An experienced team of renowned oncologists, scientists and developers work together with a strong network to improve the quality of cancer care. The precise, guideline-based treatment recommendations (including Best Clinical Practice) are qualitatively validated and support the decision on the optimal treatment for each individual patient. This makes oncological care quantifiable based on the evidence gained and allows for feeding real treatment data back into research.

About the Wort & Bild Publishing Group
- The Wort & Bild publishing group, based in Baierbrunn near Munich, is the leading provider of health media in Germany. Its brands stand for high editorial quality, serious and independent journalism, and a great popularity among users. Wort & Bild Verlag publishes “Apotheken Umschau,” “Baby und Familie,” “Diabetes Ratgeber,” “Senioren Ratgeber,” “Ärztlicher Ratgeber,” “medizini,” and “HausArzt-PatientenMagazin.” The publishing group reaches around 25 million users per month in print and online. Isartal Ventures (, an investment company for early-stage direct investments, is a subsidiary of the Wort & Bild publishing group. Isartal Ventures uses its know-how, network, and capital to support startups with an e-health focus.