News | BMG | Berlin, 11/04/2020

BMG Launches First Podcast Format With Audio Alliance

BMG has released its first podcast format in collaboration with the Audio Alliance. “The Iconic Song” takes a look at the stories behind some of the most influential songs in pop music. The first mini season is about the Scorpions’ hit “Wind of Change.” The first of four episodes is now available on Audio Now.

The podcast gets to the bottom of the genesis of the legendary hit and shows how it influenced and still influences society, culture, politics, and even the world as we know it today. Steve Blame talks to Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, and Matthias Jabs from the Scorpions and gives insights into the genesis of “Wind Of Change.” Together they discuss the development of the band, the social and political events that shaped them, the process of creating the song, and its incredible success. Various guests, including musical companions Gorky Park and the journalist Peter Kloeppel, help to put the hit in its cultural and political context. “‘Wind of Change’ not only meant a great deal to us as a band; an unbelievable number of people have a deep connection with our song. It was a great pleasure for us to tell our own stories in this podcast and to learn about how it moved other people,” explains Klaus Meine, of the Scorpions.

Mirijam Trunk, Managing Director of Audio Alliance, says: “I’m delighted that in this joint project with BMG, we not only bring an extraordinary new color to the portfolio, but also tell the story of special songs in a similarly special way. BMG’s access to artists and songs, and the Alliance’s audio expertise form an unbeatable combination, and I look forward to this and many other shared projects.”

Feline Moje, BMG Director Recorded Music GSA, adds: “Our BMG catalog includes some of the foremost songs of pop culture. This new podcast format, developed with great attention to detail in collaboration with the Audio Alliance, is a wonderful way for people to remember, together, why these songs are so important to so many – especially in these difficult times.”

The next three episodes of this season of “The Iconic Song” will be released weekly every Tuesday. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Day of German Unity this year, and also 30 years since the release of the Scorpions album “Crazy World,” BMG will reissue the song “Wind of Change” in an exclusive boxed set (see BENET report). The boxed set takes an extensive look at the history of the rock ballad and will be released on November 27.