News | BMG | Los Angeles, 09/13/2022

BMG Releases ‘Jude’ By Julian Lennon

BMG has published “Jude,” a new album by singer-songwriter Julian Lennon. This is Lennon’s seventh studio album overall and his first with BMG. Julian Lennon is the eldest son of former Beatle John Lennon from his first marriage, but has long since made a name for himself as a musician, composer, and photo artist in his own right.

It’s been eleven years since Julian Lennon, eldest son of John Lennon of Beatles fame, published an album of his own. Now BMG has released “Jude,” the long-awaited new album by the artist, who has long since made his own name as a musician, composer, and photographer. It is the musician’s seventh studio album overall. As reported, Julian Lennon had signed a worldwide record deal with BMG in March this year.

“Jude,” too, is about Lennon’s famous family history: the album title is a reference to the legendary song “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney. Originally called “Hey Jules,” McCartney later changed the title because he thought it sounded better in the song. He had “great respect for the overwhelming importance of this song written for me earlier,” Julian Lennon had explained in March when he introduced two songs from his new album. He said the album title “Jude” stood for the very real journey of his life, as represented by the individual songs. 

Fans in the U.S. can experience Julian Lennon and his new album as a live stream tomorrow. Los Angeles radio station KROQ is hosting a live event where the artist will discuss “Jude” song by song. Lennon’s music career took off in 1984 when his debut single, “Too Late For Goodbyes,” hit number one on the “Billboard Adult Contemporary” chart in the U.S.. His debut album “Valotte” went platinum in the U.S., followed in 1986 by the rock single “Stick Around” from “The Secret Value Of Daydreaming,” which reached number one on the U.S. charts. Julian Lennon’s second hit on the U.S. rock charts was “Now You’re In Heaven” from “Mr. Jordan” in 1989, followed by the U.K. Top 10 hit “Saltwater” from his album “Help Yourself” in 1991. 

Julian Lennon is known not only as a music artist, but also as a “New York Times” bestselling author, art photographer, and, with the founding of the White Feather Foundation, as a global philanthropist. His most recent children’s book is the graphic novel “The Morning Tribe,” published in November 2021. He also continues to attract attention with photographic art exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe.