News | RTL Group | Potsdam, 01/08/2014

'Der Medicus' At #1 In Germany And Spain

Last weekend, UFA Cinema's "Der Medicus" (The Physician) once again attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers to movie theaters in Germany. In its second week, the elaborately produced epic based on Noah Gordon's bestseller was #1 in the box-office charts of both Germany and Spain – ahead of Part Two of "The Hobbit."

In Germany, movie theaters sold some 640,000 tickets to "Der Medicus" last weekend. Another 71,000 people watched the movie on Monday. Since its brilliant box-office release on Dec 25, 2013 the adventure epic has attracted more than 1.8 million viewers in Germany alone.

With another 514,000 moviegoers up until and including last Sunday, the film is also #1 at Spain's box offices. After nearly 251,000 viewers had watched "El Médico" there in its first week from Dec 25, the number rose to 263,000 visitors during the second week.