News | RTL Group | Cologne, 01/10/2023

‘Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar’ Starts Anniversary Season

Next Saturday, 14 January, the new season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar” kicks off on RTL. For the 20th time, extraordinary characters, entertainers, and voices that get under your skin will be given the chance to realize their dream of the big stage. The TV talent show is produced by UFA Show & Factual boasts an impressive track record and has produced many stars and hits.

“We have a dream – music is our life. We have a hope – music will survive.” Even 20 years later, the catchy tune performed by the “DSDS” all-stars from the very first season of the TV talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” still resonates. The success story of the talent show produced by UFA Show & Factual began on RTL on November 9, 2002 – and next Saturday, January 14, it goes to the next round with an anniversary season. Viewers can expect 20 episodes full of extraordinary characters, entertainers, and voices that get under your skin. This year’s candidates have a lot to look forward to as well: Before the big live shows, they not only travel to Mallorca for the recall, but also to Thailand, where they will have to prove themselves in the ‘recall abroad’. Of course, the anniversary jury, consisting of “DSDS” veteran Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, who won the eighth season of “DSDS,” rapper Katja Krasavice, and pop singer Leony, will also be there.

“20 years of ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’ – what an incredible adventure,” says Ute Biernat, CEO UFA Show & Factual. “‘DSDS’ has made talent-show history like no other show in Germany: 13 number one hits, more than 3.3 million singles and 2.9 million ‘DSDS’ albums sold, as well as an incredible 388 episodes in which 19 ‘superstars’ were crowned. Since season one, ‘DSDS’ has been making dreams come true – and everyone has dreams! I very much look forward to the anniversary season and would like to take this opportunity to thank RTL for our excellent cooperation over the past 20 years, Dieter Bohlen, who is associated with the format like none other, and our other anniversary judges Pietro, Katja Krasavice, and Leony. A very special thank-you goes to our entire ‘DSDS’ team in front of and behind the camera, who give their heart and soul season after season to ensure that ‘DSDS’ makes TV history. Let’s celebrate the 20th season together!”

A look at legendary ‘DSDS’ moments

“DSDS’ is a piece of German TV history and one of the longest-lived formats on German television,” says Marco Thiel, Executive Producer at UFA Show & Factual. The fact that “DSDS” is now celebrating its 20th anniversary   is truly emotional, he said. “Because almost everyone knows ‘DSDS’ and has at least one opinion about the format. Hardly any other program has produced so many faces, stories and hits. For many viewers and contestants, ‘DSDS’ is a piece of their childhood and growing-up years – a constant in a changing world.” The anniversary season will be a season full of highlights, Thiel adds. “With a nostalgic look at legendary ‘DSDS’ moments, with surprise guests, and above all with contestants who only have one dream: to emerge as the winner of the anniversary season. Possibly the greatest adventures and the most extraordinary recall of all time await the candidates. Mallorca, Bangkok, Phuket – never before have there been so many destinations and challenges. If you love music and entertainment, ‘DSDS’ is just the ticket for you! My thanks go to our partner RTL and the entire ‘DSDS’ team, who put so much passion into this production.”

Two decades of unforgettable moments and talents

More than 20 years ago, on November 9, 2002, the first season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” began on RTL. The first grand finale on March 8, 2003, which was watched by an average of 12.8 million viewers and produced the first “DSDS” winner, Alexander Klaws, remains unforgotten. To date, Klaws has sold more than 3.2 million records, receiving numerous gold and platinum awards. In 2020, the successful singer, actor and musical performer returned to his roots and hosted the live shows of the 17th season. Alexander Klaws was followed by numerous other “DSDS” winners who laid the foundation for their music careers with the talent show and are still active in the industry today. The most successful include multiple gold and platinum award-winner Mark Medlock; Beatrice Egli, who has also won multiple gold and platinum awards and sold more than one million records; Switzerland’s Luca Hänni, who competed for his home country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019; and of course Pietro Lombardi. The successful musician has already starred in various docu-soaps, reached number one in the German charts with three of his singles and sat on the “DSDS” judging panel in 2019 and 2020. In the big anniversary season in 2023, he will celebrate his comeback as a judge together with Dieter Bohlen.

Other “DSDS” contestants have also established themselves in the music business, including Ramon Roselly, Sarah Engels, Wincent Weiss, Daniele Negroni, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Ardian Bujupi, and Annemarie Eilfeld. The show itself has also won several awards: In 2003 and 2008, “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” received the German Television Award for “Best Entertainment Program.” And in 2006, Florian Wieder was also awarded the German Television Prize, for the “DSDS” stage design, in the category “Best Set (Stage Design/Studio Design).”