News | RTL Group | Berlin/Cologne, 01/23/2020

Divimove Acquires Influencer Agency Tube One Networks

Divimove has acquired Tube One Networks, a Cologne-based German agency specializing in social media and influencer marketing. Tube One Networks has 250 artists in its network, who have collectively generated more than 300 million video views on Youtube. With the acquisition, the Divimove team grows to 240 employees.

The RTL Group subsidiary Divimove, Europe’s largest online video company, is taking over Tube One Networks, a Cologne-based agency specializing in social media and influencer marketing. The antitrust authorities in Germany and Austria have already approved the project. The acquisition is part of Divimove’s plan to establish an integrated European network of digital studios and talent across multiple countries and platforms.

“Our ambition is to offer brands, talents, broadcasters, and platforms the shortest route to every person in Europe,” says Divimove CEO Tobias Schiwek. “We accomplish this with the award-winning stories of our digital studio UFA X, the reach of our leading talent networks in eight European markets, and our team’s strategic expertise. Now we are excited to join forces with Divimove and Tube One Networks to set new, forward-looking standards in the German-speaking markets with our talent and marketing business.”

“Linking our broad offering with Divimove’s production resources and international network is a significant milestone for us,” says Mark Lucht, who will continue to manage Tube One Networks. “We’re excited about the cooperation and see great synergy potential within the RTL family that will benefit our artists as well as our customers. Our teams complement each other perfectly, and most of them have known each other for years, providing an ideal basis for creating a shared company culture.” Mark Lucht will report to Tobias Schiwek from now on. Denis Müller, co-founder of Tube One Networks, will also remain on board.

With 250 artists and more than 300 million video views on YouTube, Tube One Networks is one of Germany’s best-known influencer networks. The agency is well known for marketing, building and managing influencers with a wide reach. Its portfolio currently reaches several million users on other social video platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. Following the acquisition, the Divimove team has grown to 240 employees. Further growth is planned for the future, with more than 20 positions currently being advertised.