News | RTL Group | Cologne, 10/20/2023

Extensive Marketing Campaign For RTL+

RTL Deutschland has launched the biggest marketing campaign to date for its “All Inclusive Entertainment” app RTL+. The aim is to reach a broad target group via TV, radio, (digital) out-of-home, online, print, and a major social media offensive by the end of 2023. The gross advertising volume available is in the high tens of millions of euros.

Series, reality shows, live sports, movies, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and magazines – the RTL+ “All Inclusive Entertainment” app has them all. And now, the multimedia offering is being promoted with the biggest, most comprehensive marketing campaign of the year. RTL Deutschland has announced that a gross volume in the tens of millions euro range will be spent on the campaign, with a view to addressing a broad entertainment target group by the end of 2023 via TV, radio, (digital) out-of-home, online, and print advertising, as well as in a major social media offensive. For as little as €9.99 per month, subscribers to the “RTL+ Max” plan can enjoy the full range of the “All Inclusive Entertainment” app. The “Family” rate, which can be booked for €14.99 per month, allows several parallel streams for individual media types. From the fourth month, the “Max Rate” costs €12.99 per month and the “Family” rate €18.99 per month.

RTL+’s offering is summed up succinctly under the guiding idea of “All Inclusive” – because Germans in particular love the “all inclusive” idea. When it comes to streaming, however, they have had to do without such an all-inclusive package in the past – but that is no longer the case. With a humorous approach and in a modern look, the ads connect the feeling of an “all-inclusive vacation” with the benefits of the “All Inclusive Entertainment” app, which has made RTL+ the leading German streaming service in the market with around 4.5 million subscribers. “Our campaign succinctly sums up its variety, simplicity and price – RTL+ simply has it all,” says Julian Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer RTL Deutschland. “And the same goes for the biggest campaign of the year: a cool look, a cheeky tone, and the right celebrities in a vacation mood. In a nutshell: RTL goes All Inclusive.”

Famous faces promote the offer

The campaign is divided into three phases. First, it will establish RTL+ as a cross-genre offering, to increase product awareness among the target group. a number of commercials on TV, digital and social media will ensure maximum visibility. The host of the campaign is “RTL face” Jan Köppen. In short clips, he consistently highlights the RTL+ app’s diversity of content and unbeatable price – tongue firmly in cheek and supported by other celebrities including Sophia Thomalla, Lukas Podolski, Elton, Frank Buschmann, Motsi Mabuse, Claude Oliver Rudolph, Laura Wontorra, Bushido, and podcast stars Selfie Sandra and Bastian Bielendorfer & Özcan Cosar. On social media, other well-known faces will promote the “All Inclusive Entertainment” offer. Print and (digital) out-of-home ads, giant posters, radio spots, and social media are designed to increase the visibility of the campaign and reinforce product awareness. The next step will be to focus on individual areas of the offering, such as the music selection, which includes audiobooks and podcasts, and thus make the product tangible and activate the target group by the end of the year.

The campaign launch is accompanied by the introduction of an RTL+ “framework” that will be used for all communication events in the future. It has the motto “Alles Dabei” (“It’s all there”) and is intended to additionally raise the visibility of RTL+’s cross-media offering. The RTL+ campaign and strategic framework were developed by RTL Deutschland’s Brand & Marketing team, from their conception and creation through to the media strategy. True to the leitmotif “All Inclusive,” all communicative potentials in social media, PR, performance marketing, and cross-promotion will contribute to the campaign’s effectiveness.