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Press Release | Berlin, 11/28/2016

Google and Bertelsmann Launch large-scale Online Education Initiatives with Udacity

Steven Moran, Matt Brittin, Vishal Makhijani (f.l.t.r.)

  • Google funds Scholarship Program for 10,000 Android developers
  • Bertelsmann makes tech courses available to employees via Udacity
  • Udacity introduces Associate Android Developer Fast Track as a complete guide to Google certification
  • Joint goal: to close digital-skills gap in Europe

The opportunity to acquire digital skills, become an entrepreneur, improve employability, and to continue lifelong learning has never been greater. And yet in Europe, studies show that by 2020 almost one million Information and Communications Technology (ICT) jobs may remain unfilled. Today, Google, Bertelsmann and e-learning provider Udacity are announcing a partnership which aims to prepare new European talent for the digital future, and to help everyone make the most of the economic opportunity from it.

Under the umbrella of the joint initiative, Google will fund 10,000 scholarships via Udacity, including 1,000 full scholarships for the newly launched Associate Android Developer Fast Track, the most efficient way to get certified by Google for Android development. Additionally, beginners can apply for one of 9,000 scholarships for Android Basics: User Interface, and potentially qualify for one of 1,000 additional scholarships to Udacity’s Android Basics Nanodegree program. Applications are open at  .

Concurrently, Bertelsmann will start shifting skill-building and training budgets across its about 1,000 businesses towards ICT, in conjunction with Udacity’s training programs. Also, Bertelsmann employs about 2,000 young women and men enrolled in apprenticeship, degree or trainee programs across Europe. Starting next year, those qualified and in relevant fields of study will receive a Nanodegree scholarship.

Matt Brittin, President, EMEA Business & Operations, Google: “Everyone in Europe needs the right skills for success in jobs, business, and life. That’s where we can help you – with skills for success in the mobile, digital world. In Europe today, more than half of us mainly use our mobiles to access the web, which represents a huge opportunity for ambitious Europeans to join the more than 1.3 million developers in the region. These in-demand and industry-approved scholarships are a chance for current and aspiring mobile developers to master the skills you need to help you find the path to success.”

Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer, Bertelsmann: ”As a company with the ambition to be a leader in industries in which we operate – media, services and education – mastering digital and mobile skills is mission-critical. Bertelsmann has been a forerunner in digital-skills training for many years, and as both a shareholder and an enthusiastic customer of Udacity, Nanodegrees are clearly the instrument of choice, as we upgrade our learning agenda. We can’t wait to start working with Google and Udacity to make our workforce well-fit for the employment markets of the future.”

Vish Makhijani, CEO, Udacity: “We are excited to partner with Bertelsmann and Google to give people across Europe the specific skills they need in mobile development to get the jobs they want. This important initiative underscores our mission to democratize education, making affordable learning available to students all over the world and empowering them to advance their careers.”

This commitment builds on the work of all three organisations in building digital skills across the EU: In the last two years, Google has trained nearly 2 million people in the EU in digital skills via its Growth Engine programme, helping businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, developers, creators, cultural organisations and students succeed online and realize their potential.

Bertelsmann has made both digital training and training programs for its employees in digital skills priorities in recent years, offering employees worldwide free access to more than 10,000 e-learning courses. Bertelsmann University – one of Germany’s first corporate universities – presents a wide range of capability and skill-building formats for executives and employees, in areas from strategy to creativity and technology to leadership.

Udacity provides students with in-demand skills necessary to get a job or advance their career. Since it was founded in 2011, Udacity has trained over four million people worldwide. By partnering with Bertelsmann and Google, Udacity aims to close the digital skills gap and to promote lifelong learning by expanding professional training programs and creating opportunities for new talent through its Nanodegree programs.

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About Udacity
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