News | RTL Group | Paris, 03/11/2024

Groupe M6 Presents New Streaming Service M6+

France’s Groupe M6 unveiled its new streaming service M6+ in Paris last week. The new ad-based video-on-demand platform is set to replace the group’s existing streamer 6play from June. Technical innovations and a doubling of the free program offering are designed to make M6+ attractive to French viewers.

The French media group Groupe M6 unveiled its plans for the new free streaming service M6+ at a media event in Paris last Wednesday. According to a Groupe M6 press release, the new ad-based video-on-demand platform will replace its current streaming service, 6play. M6+ is to be launched on all platforms ahead of the UEFA European Football Championship, which begins on June 14 and will be broadcast by Groupe M6 in France. The media group has ambitious plans for M6+, which was developed by Bedrock, a streaming tech company founded as a joint venture between Groupe M6 and RTL Group. Up to €100 million is to be invested in the platform, with the aim of doubling online program consumption and tripling streaming revenues by 2028.

“Given the challenges that lie ahead and the giants that surround us, M6+ embodies our ambition to become the obvious choice for online entertainment for the French,” said Nicolas de Tavernost, Chairman of the Groupe M6 Executive Board. “We have invested in technology, exclusive content, and a quality user experience. Our ambition is big, but it is rooted in our history and fueled by our passion for TV.”

Program volume doubled

Innovations such as an AI-supported search engine and an interactive player with improved data visualization have been incorporated to get viewers excited about M6+’s content. The new “M6+ Stories” format will present short-form content on social media to draw viewers’ attention to the programs offered by M6+ and the podcasts of Groupe M6’s radio stations. All programs will be available free of charge on all devices for at least 30 days.  M6+ also offers HD formats on all platforms, cast-to-TV (display of smartphone content on TV sets), multi-profile functionality, and more than 20 free ad-financed streaming TV channels (FAST).

According to Groupe M6, the launch of M6+ will double the amount of free programs available to a total of 30,000 hours over the course of one year, including 10,000 hours of exclusive content. The platform will also bring together Groupe M6’s strong program brands while offering more exclusive content: more than 300 films per year; 11,000 hours of series from Disney, CBS, Sony and Paramount; 4,000 hours of reality shows; 200 youth brands and 300 youth series. M6+ will also explore new genres and formats, with upcoming titles such as “MMA Academy” and the documentary film “Life to the Limit.” The platform also aims to become the home of new comedy talent, with an exclusive partnership signed with news satire website Le Gorafi to produce offbeat news programs.

M6+ is to act as a catalyst for the digital transformation of Groupe M6. The platform amplifies the value proposition from M6 Publicité, Groupe M6’s advertising sales house, and offers advertisers a new model based on three pillars: an unrivalled digital offering that compliments linear TV; increasingly precise and high-performance data targeting; and optimized quality of advertising exposure.