News | Gruner + Jahr | Hamburg, 04/24/2020

Gruner + Jahr Expands Applike Technology Platform

Gruner + Jahr is banking on the business in the strategic growth market of mobile communications. It will invest a double-digit million sum in the newly founded Applike Group in the years ahead, to expand the business of the Applike technology platform founded in 2015.

Gruner + Jahr is expanding its business in the strategic growth market of mobile communications and will invest a double-digit million euro sum in the Applike Group in the next few years. The Group originates from the successful, internationally active Applike app marketing platform, which was launched under the Gruner + Jahr umbrella in 2015 and has ranked in the top 10 marketing channels in the Apps Flyer Performance Index for three years now. As from now, the Applike Group comprises three companies: Adjoe, Just Dice, and Sunday. It provides its subsidiaries with state-of-the-art technologies, along with expertise in mobile apps and marketing.

Jonas Thiemann and Carlo Szelinsky, the founders and current CEOs of Applike, will take over the management of the new holding company. They hold minority shareholdings in the Applike Group. Gruner + Jahr CEO Julia Jäkel will also sit on the Management Board. Applike developed and grew to its current size under the responsibility of Arne Wolter, G+J’s Chief Digital Officer, who will continue to support the new, expanded company as a member of the Board.

‘Outstanding entrepreneurial talent’

“Jonas Thiemann and Carlo Szelinsky have proven in recent years that they have outstanding entrepreneurial talent,” says Julia Jäkel. “They quickly developed Applike into a strong revenue and profit generator for Gruner + Jahr. By investing in the Applike Group, we are making a clear commitment to continue strongly expanding this business together with the founders.” Jonas Thiemann, Co-CEO & Founder of the Applike Group, says: “Our goal is to reach every smartphone user worldwide. The Applike Group makes this possible. The Group lets us focus even more on building new products and businesses. Applike was just the beginning.” And Carlo Szelinsky, Co-CEO & Founder of the Applike Group, adds: “We have leading technologies in the areas of user acquisition, attribution, fraud prevention, and ad monetization – all the relevant components for successfully scaling up app business models. This makes the Applike Group technologically unique in the market, a fact that our products and business will benefit from even more in the future.”

The new Applike Group operates from Hamburg in 30 countries worldwide, and currently employs 100 people from 15 countries. It generates 90 percent of its revenues abroad, 60 percent of total revenues in the U.S. alone.