News | RTL Group | Hamburg/Cologne, 04/19/2023

Gruner + Jahr Launches Health Platform ‘Hello Health’

Gruner + Jahr, an RTL Deutschland company, is expanding its portfolio in the digital health market with the new health platform “Hello Health”. The platform pools digital offers of renowned physicians to promote health. It starts with programs for healthy nutrition, back strength and mental health. More offers will follow in May.

Under the “Hello Health” brand and on the central platform  , RTL Deutschland’s company Gruner + Jahr now provides digital offers from renowned physicians and therapists to promote health. At the time of the launch, users can book three programs with modules for healthy nutrition, mental health and resilience, as well as back strength. The offer will be expanded over the course of the second quarter.

According to RTL Deutschland, “Hello Health” targets people “who are proactively seeking solutions to improve their health.” The goal of the programs is to strengthen the self-efficacy and quality of life of all users. The programs build on current medical and scientific insights, are easy to implement, and can be easily integrated into daily life with little time required.

Gruner + Jahr has recruited several renowned physicians and experts for the “Hello Health” programs. All of them have become popular through TV shows or book publications. The health platform is launching with a nutrition program by Dr. Kathrin Vergin, modules for mental health by psychologist Janina Rogoll, and an offer for back strength by Dr. Matthias Manke. On May 8, a digital offer with RTL health expert Dr. Anne Fleck (“Doc Fleck”) will be added.

“In 2021, one in three people in Germany have used an online course offer related to health issues, and the trend is increasing,” said Benjamin Hebborn, Senior Vice President Portfolio Growth at Gruner + Jahr and responsible founder of “Hello Health”. “We’re starting with ‘Hello Health’ specifically in this segment and will successively expand our offer. With our product, we want to offer people an easy way to actively promote their health and experience self-efficacy with little effort. Market studies of renowned companies such as McKinsey and Rock Health confirm that the need for digital health offers will continue to experience enormous growth.”

Bernd Hellermann, CEO Gruner + Jahr, said: “‘Hello Health’ represents the path we will now take at Gruner + Jahr: future-oriented, with products that combine excellent content with digital and technological expertise and that are socially relevant. ‘Hello Health’ provides support in one of the most important life issues – personal health – and therefore perfectly fits in with our strategy of Gruner + Jahr to be the home for accompanying people in all big themes of life. At the same time, the team of ‘Hello Health’ demonstrates the strategic benefits that can result from close cooperation within RTL Deutschland.”

With RTL health expert Dr. Anne Fleck (“Doc Fleck”), the “Hello Health” team around Benjamin Hebborn is developing a special online presentation about a 17-day program for fat reduction, titled “Fett weg – die Länger-Leben-Formel von Doc Fleck”. Dr. Anne Fleck, specialist for internal medicine and rheumatology, is a renowned expert in preventive and nutritional medicine. She is also a multiple “Spiegel” bestselling author. In addition to her work at her office in Hamburg, Dr. Anne Fleck is also a successful podcast host, magazine expert, and host of the weekly show “Doc Fleck-Sprechstunde” as part of “Punkt 12” at RTL Deutschland.

Dr. Matthias Manke is a specialist for orthopedy and trauma surgery with his own practice in Bochum and author of the “Spiegel” bestseller “Wenn der Orthopäde Rücken hat”. He was, among other things, team physician of FC Schalke 04 and is known from various TV shows and talk shows as the “Revierdoc”. Psychologist Janina Rogoll works as a psychotherapist, lecturer, scientist and supervisor. In February 2023, her book “Die Seelen-Docs” was published. Dr. Kathrin Vergin works as a nutritional therapist and alternative psychotherapy practitioner. The chemist with a focus on oncology earned her doctorate at Oxford. A few weeks ago, her third book “Emotional Eating” was published.

The “Hello Health” offer will be successively expanded over the next several weeks with additional topics and experts. The offer is developed and managed by a team of specialists around Benjamin Hebborn at the locations in Cologne and Hamburg. The video content is produced by RTL News colleagues. RTL’s Crossmedia division contributes the cross-media production of the “Hello Health” experts in RTL Deutschland’s portfolio.