News | Bertelsmann Printing Group | Gütersloh, 11/07/2017

Mohn Media wins at ‘Druck & Medien Awards 2017’

Achim Mörretz (holding the award) and Jan Spengler, Sales Director Action Print (right) at the award presentation

Mohn Media’s Action Print product line can celebrate receiving the award for “Customer and Sales Team of the Year” at the “Druck & Medien Awards 2017”. The award honors the performance of the colleagues with regard to the implementation of a marketing campaign for the bookstore chain Thalia in Germany. The interaction between production, logistics, and IT tasks was decisive for the success: the result of the campaign exceeded the expectations of the customer.

Mohn Media was honored with the “Polar-Mohr Award” for “Customer and Sales Team of the Year” at the “Druck & Medien Awards 2017”. The Action Print product line, which is responsible for direct marketing products at Mohn Media, received the award. The “Druck & Medien Awards” have been presented by the Deutsche Drucker Verlagsgesellschaft since 2005 to honor print products as well as companies and individuals in the print and media industry.

The team of the Action Print product line

The team of the Action Print product line has almost 30 members and not only provides services for the print industry but also offers the implementation of mailing campaigns along with comprehensive consulting services. The colleagues earned the award at the “Druck und Medien Awards 2017” with a project executed for the customer Thalia. They took over the design and implementation of a scratch-off ticket campaign commissioned by the bookstore chain. In addition to the production and logistics, Action Print was also responsible for the IT programming and preparation capacity.

Over the course of the campaign, Thalia was not only able to generate numerous new e-mail addresses of customers but also assign the participants of the scratch-off ticket campaign to individual stores with the assistance of the reconciliation code recommended by Mohn Media. Based on this data it was possible to trace the distribution of existing and new customers and to do statistical analyses of the online affinity of the customers of specific stores. 

“Did not expect such success” 

“The newest response numbers confirm that this campaign at Thalia has seen above-average results. During the entire development phase, our team redesigned the scratch-off ticket, introduced and optimized new details, and never lost sight of the customer’s goal,” said Achim Mörretz, Product Line Manager Action Print. “Our strength as a customer and sales team is not only to focus on production but also and especially to take on the perspective of the customer and, as in this case, considerably influence the success of a campaign, for example by redesigning the product. We are therefore even more delighted with the praise from our customer, because Thalia did not expect such success,” he added.

The production of the scratch-off ticket for Thalia can be considered a textbook example of the diversity of know-how at Mohn Media. All teams, from product development to offer, production, IT, customer management and logistics, were involved in the process. The success of high-circulation productions not only depends on the design and functionality but also from the guarantee of process safety and costs. And the efforts have paid off: Thalia has already involved the team of the Action Print product line in the brainstorming for the next campaigns.