News | Gütersloh, 03/04/2021

New Bertelsmann Data Services Unit Established

A new Group company, Bertelsmann Data Services (BeData), is now operational. Its purpose is to improve the technical connectability of customer data and to create a legal framework for exchanging data between Bertelsmann companies. The new unit is managed by Rhys Nölke and Karin Immenroth.

The launch of this new Bertelsmann company marks another important step by the Group to strengthen data-driven businesses: Bertelsmann Data Services (BeData) will provide Group companies with a technical platform that enables them to exchange consumer data and audience insights, as well as other data-driven applications, based on a common infrastructure. Rhys Nölke, Senior Vice President Technology & Data at Bertelsmann, and Karin Immenroth, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, will manage the company in addition to their existing responsibilities. 

29 German companies initially registered for the platform

The establishment of Bertelsmann Data Services is part of the Tech & Data Agenda, under which the Bertelsmann Executive Board intends to use new technologies and data to advance networking and coordination within the Group. The Tech & Data Advisory Board under the leadership of Bertelsmann’s Chief Financial Officer Rolf Hellermann has explored various options for better collaboration in the data business over the past 18 months. The competencies and strengths available are now to be pooled in the new unit. 

Initially, 29 German Bertelsmann companies from various divisions will be registered for the technical platform, which they can use to explore the diverse data sources across Bertelsmann and exchange with each other within a legal framework compliant with data protection laws (GDPR). Other Bertelsmann companies are to follow. Under the lead management of Bertelsmann’s Tech & Data team and in close collaboration with Mediengruppe RTL, numerous experts from the participating divisions worked together to build the platform last year, which will map various applications in future.