News | RTL Group | Cologne/Hamburg, 09/04/2023

New Cross-Media Format: ‘Stern Investigativ’

RTL Deutschland is launching a new cross-media format starting September 28: “Stern Investigativ.” The results of the investigative research conducted will be published in parallel as a TV report on RTL, in the print magazine “Stern,” on various websites, and as a podcast.

On September 28, RTL Deutschland launches a new cross-media format called “Stern Investigativ.” In it, award-winning investigative journalists Manka Heise, Birte Meier and Christian Esser focus on explosive topics. As RTL Deutschland says in a release announcing the new format, they and their team will “expose grievances in business, politics and society in elaborate investigations.” They will, the announcement further states, confront those responsible with their findings and hold them accountable.

The first edition of “Stern Investigativ,” for which Manka Heise and Christian Esser spent months researching in collaboration with “Stern” author Tina Kaiser, will be shown by RTL at 10:35 p.m. on September 28. That same day, “Stern” will report extensively on the investigative team’s revelations in its print edition, as well as on and A podcast rounds out the “Stern Investigativ” cross-media package, and will be available for download on RTL+ Musik, also from September 28. The news channel NTV will broadcast the first episode of “Stern Investigativ” at 11:30 p.m. on September 29.

Gregor Peter Schmitz, Chairman of the Editorial Board of “Stern,” said: “What’s special about ‘Stern Investigativ’ is that we designed the format to be cross-media from the very beginning and are now, in late September, for the first time playing out the results of our investigative research on TV, in the magazine, online, and as audio.”