Press Release

Press Release | Gütersloh, 06/18/2021

In Celebration Of Liz Mohn’s Birthday: Bertelsmann Donates Inclusive Playground

To mark Liz Mohn’s birthday, Bertelsmann is donating an inclusive children’s playground to the city of Gütersloh – the city’s first handicap-accessible playground. The playground is currently being built in Mohn’s park and will open shortly. Thomas Rabe congratulated Liz Mohn on behalf of all employees.

To mark Liz Mohn’s 80th birthday today, Bertelsmann is donating a redesigned play area in Mohn’s Park to the city of Gütersloh. Gütersloh’s first inclusive playground is being created on an area of around 400 square meters on the northeastern edge of the park along Goethestrasse. Handicap-accessible playground equipment and the flat design of the surrounding area will enable children with disabilities in particular to use the equipment. The playground is expected to open during the summer month of July. 

“On behalf of my colleagues on the Executive Board and all Bertelsmann employees, I would like to warmly congratulate Liz Mohn on her birthday,” said Thomas Rabe, Chairman & CEO of Bertelsmann. “Gütersloh is Liz Mohn’s home, and she cares deeply about supporting children. I am delighted that, in consultation with the city of Gütersloh, we have found a gift that combines both and at the same time allows us to contribute to the community here at our corporate headquarters.” Rabe presented the playground to Liz Mohn together with his fellow Executive Board members Markus Dohle, Rolf Hellermann, and Immanuel Hermreck ahead of the birthday celebration.

‘At the top of our wish list’

Gütersloh’s mayor Norbert Morkes said: “Our gratitude for this generous donation goes to our honorary citizen Liz Mohn and Bertelsmann, who are once again expressing their deep commitment to the city of Gütersloh. Inclusion is a high priority for our city; an inclusive playground was at the top of our wish list for recreational opportunities at Mohn’s Park. We are delighted, along with the many children who will use it every day.”

Construction work on the redesign of the playground, which is being realized by the Green Spaces Department of the City of Gütersloh, began back in May. Completion is scheduled for next week at the latest. Among other things, the playground features an inclusive carousel for up to two wheelchair users and four other people, a trampoline for wheelchair users, and a sieve table with a swivel crane that wheelchair users can slide into from one side.