News | Penguin Random House | New Delhi, 10/26/2022

Penguin Random House India Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Three and a half decades of Penguin Random House India: The publisher with the penguin in an orange oval logo has become a household name in literature not only in the UK, its home country, but also in India, where English is the second official language and Penguin Random House India is the country’s leading publisher for English-language literature. This month, Penguin is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

A cultural institution is celebrating its anniversary: Penguin Random House India turns 35 this year. This marks 35 years of publishing some of the most iconic books in Indian literature, discovering some of the most brilliant authors from India and the South Asia region, and becoming the leading publisher in the country.

Gaurav Shrinagesh, CEO Penguin Random House India & SEA, looks back on an eventful three-and-a-half decades: “When you see India’s literary history, 35 may not seem like such a grand milestone. But it is indeed a proud moment for Penguin to have been able to succeed in adding value to a country as diverse and multicultural as ours.” The numbers speak for themselves: The publisher launched in India in 1987 with just six titles. Today, the local publishing list has grown to over 3,000, and the publisher has also brought in over 50,000 international titles for local readers to enjoy. “Over the years, we have introduced many award-winning books, discovered and published some of the greatest writers of our times and, more recently, our books have made global headlines with the ‘Booker International Prize’ win and the ‘Booker Prize for Fiction’ nomination,” Shrinagesh concludes.   

Finding books on the Delhi metro 

At the occasion of the festivities, the publisher has launched the “#BookedByPenguin” campaign: The campaign runs on various platforms and includes contests and giveaways; it addresses authors, employees and, of course, readers who feel connected with Penguin. In India, retail chains and independent bookstores are on board with diverse offline activities. In collaboration with “Books on the Delhi Metro (BODM)”, a non-profit initiative, metro rides are made even more exciting with people able to find books in unsuspected locations in the metro. Hints and tips are available on social media for the “treasure hunters”, giving them a chance to get their hands on a Penguin book.

Penguin has also announced the release of an exclusive anniversary edition series with 35 of some of the most iconic books published over the past 35 years. The collector’s edition series with attractive new looks and covers will be available in bookstores across the country and online from November onwards. Last but not least, the publisher is also committed to giving back to the community by donating 10,000 books through various partners that serve and help the disadvantaged. The “Community Library Project” is helping to take the books to first-generation readers and to those who do not have easy access to books.