News | Penguin Random House | New York/London/Munich, 11/09/2021

Penguin Random House Publishes Will Smith Memoir

Today the long-awaited memoir by musician and actor Will Smith hits bookstores. Penguin Random House is publishing “Will” throughout the English-speaking world and Germany. In North America, “Will” is published by Penguin Press; in the U.K. and Commonwealth, by Century; in Germany, by Heyne.

Will Smith is a successful actor, producer and musician; a global audience knows and loves him from Hollywood series and films such as “The Prince of Bel Air,” “Bad Boys” and “Men in Black.” The talented all-rounder is a two time Academy Award nominee and has won four Grammy awards. Now Will Smith has written his memoirs, simply titled “Will,” and Penguin Random House publishes the work throughout the English-speaking world and in Germany today.  

In North America, “Will” is published by Penguin Press; in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, by Century. In Germany, Heyne published the autobiography. In addition to the printed book, Penguin Random House has also published the audiobook edition, read by the author himself. In Germany, Hörverlag’s audiobook edition will follow on November 22, read by actor Patrick Abozen. “Will” is now available in bookstores in more than 100 countries.

Will Smith wrote the memoir with the help of Mark Manson, author of the million-selling “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” In his book, Will Smith attributes his great success as a Hollywood star primarily to  his iron will and stamina, and writes that he had to learn early on what it means to persevere and never give up. His childhood with a strict, violent father, his rapid musical success as a teenager, his steep fall and subsequent resurrection as the “Prince of Bel Air” are just some of the formative stages. America’s talk show queen Oprah Winfrey was given an advance copy of the work to read before its publication; she says it is “the best memoir I’ve ever read.