News | Bertelsmann Education Group | Morrisville, 10/27/2023

Relias Among Top 10 Of ‘Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies’

Relias is ranked tenth among the world’s Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies. This is according to the latest Healthcare Technology Report, compiled by a panel of healthcare industry experts.

Kay Krafft, CEO Relias und Bertelsmann Education Group

Relias, the online healthcare education provider owned by the Bertelsmann Education Group, has made it into the “Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2023” in the latest “Healthcare Technology Report” in the U.S. – or, to be more precise, actually into the top 10: Relias is ranked tenth. The annual compilation of the world’s top 100 healthcare technology companies is compiled by a panel of industry experts in the field. It ranks companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, influence, and a consistent commitment to advancing healthcare through technology. The Healthcare Technology Report is an online publication specializing in healthcare technology. It publishes articles, reports, news and articles by experts on various aspects of healthcare technology, including innovations, trends, and developments in the industry.

Relias provides lifelong workforce management solutions to more than 11,000 health and social care organizations and approximately 4.5 million caregivers. Customers use Relias’ offerings to attract and retain talent, improve quality of care and reduce risk through technology, services and expertise. “The Relias family of brands –, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME and Relias Media – serves the entire healthcare community,” reads the judges’ summary evaluation. Relias’ solutions are designed to support professionals throughout their careers, covering the needs of healthcare and human service workers – from recruitment and onboarding, to career and performance development, to working in a compliant and safe environment,” wrote the judges.

Great potential for the future

According to the Healthcare Technology Report, the field of healthcare technology has made great strides in recent decades. The use of cutting-edge technology in healthcare has opened up a wide range of possibilities, from real-time monitoring of vital signs using wearable devices to prediction of disease outbreaks through AI systems. The potential for innovation in healthcare technology shows great promise, he said: Experts estimate that the global market volume in this area will rise from $371 billion in 2022 to $852 billion in 2027.

The report describes this year’s Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies as “leading the charge in this thriving sector.” They “represent a diverse spectrum of entities, including well-established, widely recognized corporations and emerging, yet rapidly expanding enterprises.” What unites them all, says the report, is their commitment to transforming people’s daily lives and reshaping the way we approach health.