Penguin Random House

Increase in Penguin Random House Shareholding

Bertelsmann is increasing its stake in Penguin Random House, the world's leading publishing group, to a strategic three-thirds majority of 75 percent. This site contains all the information about the transaction: press release, photographs, videos, graphics, and more.


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Publishing: A Long Tradition at Bertelsmann

Bertelsmann has been publishing books for more than 180 years – it is the company’s oldest core business. Watch the video to learn more about the history of book publishing at Bertelsmann.

Penguin Random House – Facts & Figures

More than 250 independent publishers that sell some 800 million books a year: Penguin Random House is the world's leading trade publishing group. An overview of key facts and figures for the Bertelsmann subsidiary.

Penguin Random House – NYT Bestsellers in 2016

585 Penguin Random House titles made the “New York Times” bestseller lists in 2016.