Stummfilme für die Zukunft

Silent Movies for Posterity

Historic Ufa is a household name among film enthusiasts. In its heyday, it was one of the most important film production studios in the world, giving rise to some of the greatest stars of German cinema. From Fritz Lang and Erich Pommer to Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef, many of the immortal names of cinematic history celebrated successes with unforgotten Ufa classics. The history of Ufa is part of Germany’s cultural legacy. Bertelsmann acquired Ufa, which had become insolvent after reprivatization, with effect from January 1, 1964. In 1966, the film stocks of historic Ufa were transferred to the newly founded Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation, which is devoted to the preservation of cinematic heritage to this day, and has already completed elaborate restorations of various silent film classics. Since 2013, it has received crucial financial support for its last two projects from Bertelsmann

The Fiddler of Florence

Fritz Lang: "Destiny"


Making of Videos

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Making-of Video