The ledger of C. Bertelsmann publishing house for the years 1852 - 1923 .
The ledger of C. Bertelsmann publishing house spans the entire inventory management.
The first publishing house index of Carl Bertelsmann covering the years 1835 - 1873.
Safe storage ansd easy access to archive material.
The Bertelsmann storage facility in Avenwedde - movable shelves offer flexible room concepts and a multitude of furniture arrangements.
Modular shelves for secure storage and preservation of archive material.
Documents are kept safe and preserved in the file storeroom of our corporate archive.

Our archive of files is growing constantly. It includes minutes, contracts, records of business transactions, manual deliveries, balance sheets, statistics, strategy papers, office liquidations and much more from the time after 1947 to the present day. Interviews with contemporary witnesses form a complementary library of documentation that is undergoing steady expansion.