Efficient Use of a Key Resource – Paper

Even in an increasingly digital media landscape, printed books, magazines, brochures and leaflets will continue to have their place, which is why resource conservation and waste prevention play a major role at Bertelsmann across the paper value chain. To safeguard forests, which are valuable for climate protection and biodiversity, Bertelsmann advocates responsible paper procurement. In their role as print service providers and paper buyers, Bertelsmann companies offer their customers an extensive range of sustainably certified and carbon-neutral print products.

Our Objectives

For paper procurement, Bertelsmann has adopted a Paper Policy to supplement its Environmental Policy. The policy also promotes certified sustainable forestry. For example, as the Paper Policy stipulates, no paper may be used whose production involves wood from virgin or protected forests. In addition, Bertelsmann takes care to ensure that, beyond certified wood fiber, the paper used contains as much recycled paper as possible. To complement its Paper Policy, Bertelsmann strives to increase the share of recycled paper and paper from certified sustainable forestry to more than 90 percent by 2020.