Stakeholder Dialogue

Through its business operations and other activities, Bertelsmann is in contact with a variety of people outside the company: our external stakeholders include customers, suppliers, journalists, investors, as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Every day Bertelsmann reaches millions of people with its media content and products.
Organizing a systematic dialogue on selected corporate responsibility topics with external stakeholders is an integral part of the strategic development of CR at Bertelsmann.

Interaction with External Stakeholders

In its day-to-day business, Bertelsmann is in regular contact with journalists, investors and customers through its press offices, investor relations experts and service centers. Beyond daily press interaction and the many events Bertelsmann organizes, the Annual Press Conference on year-end results, the accompanying communications to the publication of half-year figures and quarterly figures represent proven formats for contact with media, journalists and investors.

Dialogue with Policymakers

The creative industry is an engine for economic growth and jobs. To be able to continue investing in high-quality creative and professional content, our efforts include championing strong copyright protection and a convergent media order in the digital age. Bertelsmann’s public affairs managers offer political decision makers access to the company’s expert dialogue partners, communicate the latest positions and facts, and provide helpful information. Our corporate liaison offices in Berlin and Brussels serve as Bertelsmann's centers of political expertise and contact.