Focused Responsibility

Acting strategically means focusing your efforts. At Bertelsmann, we seek to get involved and evolve sustainably especially wherever our value creation comes into contact with our stakeholders’ expectations. What social and environmental topics are particularly relevant to Bertelsmann and its divisions? Following a first-time analysis of relevant CR topics at Bertelsmann in 2014, the relevance analysis was carried out again in 2017. As part of this analysis, managers and more than 150 representatives of all major external stakeholder groups were surveyed about their assessment of 21 selected CR topics. The external stakeholders rated the impact of Bertelsmann's business activities on the various topics, while the relevance of the topics for the business was assessed by the executives.

In this way, topics that are particularly important for Bertelsmann were identified:

Integrity / Compliance  Promoting behavior consistent with the values and principles stated n the Bertelsmann Essentials and the Code of Conduct and building mutually trusting relationships with all employees, customers, business partners and government agencies who expect that they can rely on Bertelsmann as a partner that conforms to the law.
Antitrust Compliance  Promoting fair competition and prevention of anticompetitive behavior.
Data Protection / Privacy  Ensuring customers confidential, personal information in a secure and legally compliant manner.
Diversity  Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and providing equal opportunity to all. Creating an inclusive corporate culture. Valuing different points of view as the basis for creativity and innovation.
Fair Working Conditions  Ensuring decent working conditions for employees, including job security, the protection of employees’ privacy, fair payment and fostering a fair share of benefits.
Creative / Editorial Independence  Encouraging creative production and editorial decision-making whilst upholding editorial guidelines and values, without interference from media owners; journalistic independence, without succumbing to political or economic influence.
Paper  Sourcing paper from recycled materials and sustainably managed forests.
Intellectual Property & Copyright  Covers issues such as piracy, copyright, patents, royalty payments, counterfeiting and illegal downloading.
Learning  Fostering learning and training to tackle major entrepreneurial challenges with well-trained employees. Strengthening employees’ innovative capacity.
Content Responsibility  Producing and delivering an output that is fair and protects the rights and interests of readers, viewers, listeners and users, e.g. minors and other vulnerable groups.
Employee Participation  Involving employees through employee representatives, employee surveys, performance reviews as well as employee suggestion schemes.
Health  Providing a secure, safe and healthy environment for all employees.
Anti-Corruption & Bribery  Providing commitment and ensuring processes to prevent all forms of corruption.