News | Bertelsmann Marketing Services | Gütersloh, 09/05/2023

Sonopress Presents Innovative Packaging Solution

Bertelsmann Marketing Services’ media service provider Sonopress has presented a sustainable packaging solution for DVDs and Blue-ray discs: The “CC-Pack” is made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

The topic of sustainability plays an increasingly important role not only in the production of visual storage media but also in the appropriate packaging. Bertelsmann Marketing Services’ international media service provider Sonopress has just presented a new packaging solution for DVDs and Blue-ray discs that is especially sustainable: “CC-Pack” is the name of the innovative product, which is made of 100% recyclable cardboard. The cardboard shell can be customized for each client and printed with relevant information such as logo and other information, e.g., “Series”, “Collectors Editions” or “Special Sale” to guarantee an attractive presentation at the point of sale.

Reducing the CO2 footprint 

“With ‘CC-Pack’ we offer our clients a future-oriented solution that complies with the environmental and economic requirements. We are proud to be able to offer our clients an environmentally friendly alternative while at the same time helping to reduce costs and reduce the CO2 footprint,” said Sonopress Managing Director Sven Deutschmann. The advantages of the new packaging solution are obvious: “The use of the existing artwork enables a cost-effective changeover to our sustainable packaging. At the same time, the lower weight of the cardboard shell compared with plastic shells ensures shipping cost savings.” Even direct shipment right upon production is possible in a cost-effective way.

DVDs and Blue-ray discs have thus far been packed in plastic shells made of polypropylene or polystyrene. This plastic material is made of hydrocarbon raw materials and is basically recyclable yet often ends up in trash dumps or in incinerators due to problems with the recycling of mixed plastic materials. Additionally, the cost of plastic has increased due to oil price fluctuations, increasing demand for recycled plastic materials and continuing supply chain problems. The new Sonopress development “CC-Pack” offers solutions to these challenges. First, the product is entirely made of cardboard and therefore easy to recycle. Second, the “CC-Packs” can be automatically packed with up to 120 units per box, which considerably reduces storage cost in distribution. And third, the “CC-Packs” require less retail space and enable a consumer-friendly presentation directly next to gift cards and other products.