News | Gruner + Jahr | Hamburg, 08/04/2016

Starting shot fired for Honey

Lorenz Ritter, Soheil Dastyari, Stephan Koch, Joerg Strauss, Stefan Kolle (f. l.) © Kolle Rebbe / Territory

The G+J subsidiary Territory, Europe’s largest provider of content-driven communications, has established the agency Honey together with the creative agency Kolle Rebbe. According to the partners, the new company is positioned at the interface between content communication and advertising and aims to develop content-driven marketing campaigns.

Soheil Dastyari, CEO Territory, says: “Creativity as part of traditional marketing is increasingly oriented towards the effect and distribution mechanisms of modern content in all of its forms. Together, we want to establish a specialist for campaign creation from the content perspective. With our ideal partner Kolle Rebbe we have established an agency that does not have the goal to extend marketing campaigns in content but rather to make content campaign-ready.” 

Stefan Kolle, founder and Managing Director Creation at Kolle Rebbe, adds: “Honey is pursuing a very consistent approach: we merge brand communication and journalistic communication from the bottom up. With content campaigning we are defining a new category – an offer that does not think in temporary campaign cycles but, above all, in sustainable communications and value-adding dialog.” 

The new agency is led by a management team consisting of Stephan Koch, most recently Analytics & Strategy Director at Jung von Matt, Lorenz Ritter, thus far Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe, and Joerg Strauss, thus far Member of the Management Board of Territory.  Together, they manage a team of specialists that independently services companies but can also refer to the expertise of both Kolle Rebbe and Territory. The agency will have its head offices in the Altes Zollhaus in Hamburg’s HafenCity. The foundation of the new company is subject to approval by the cartel office.