"We are committed to the principle of fair competition. We comply with applicable antitrust and competition laws and consult with the Bertelsmann Legal department on antitrust and competition issues."

Bertelsmann Code of Conduct, 2.3.3

In virtually all countries, laws prohibit relationships or arrangements with competitors, suppliers, distributors or dealers that may interfere with competition in the marketplace. Antitrust laws are designed to protect free and fair competition and apply to every aspect of our business and at every level. It is Bertelsmann’s policy to ensure that its business practices comply at all times with the general rules of antitrust law.

Accordingly, it is essential that Bertelsmann’s management and employees are fully informed of the requirements of the Antitrust law in the jurisdictions where they operate. All divisions are required to take whatever steps are necessary to assure compliance. The Bertelsmann Corporate Legal department is available to assist the divisions, their management and employees in implementing effective competition compliance programmes and training in order to achieve these objectives.