Business Partners

Compliance and Business Partners

Our business partners can rely on Bertelsmann to act with integrity and in a legally compliant manner.

From its business partners, Bertelsmann expects a corresponding standard.

The Bertelsmann Supplier Code of Conduct requires all Bertelsmann business partners who act for, together with or on behalf of the company to observe minimum legally compliant standards. Bertelsmann requires its business partners to in turn pass on these minimum requirements along their own value chain to any third parties employed by them (subcontractors, etc.) who may work for Bertelsmann and require them to also comply with these standards.

The Bertelsmann Supplier Code of Conduct applies to Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, Bertelsmann Management SE and all companies (Group companies) in which they have a controlling interest. Group companies for which the Bertelsmann Supplier Code of Conduct does not already directly apply due to existing corporate governance regulations (e.g., RTL Group) implement their own Supplier Code of Conduct on this basis.