Training Initiatives

Integrity & Compliance Training Initiatives

The Integrity & Compliance Department pursues various training initiatives to inform employees about the company's rules and guidelines, to build awareness for appropriate behavior in high-risk situations, and to familiarize them with existing tools.

  • Code of Conduct training (for all employees)
  • Anti-Corruption & Integrity training (for all employees in relevant positions)
  • Antitrust trainings (for all employees in relevant positions)

Code of Conduct Trainings

Participation in Code of Conduct training is mandatory for all Bertelsmann employees. In 2009, employees worldwide were invited to participate in Code of Conduct training for the first time. Since then, all newly hired employees or those added through the acquisitions of fully consolidated subsidiaries have been included as well. Refresher trainings for all employees are conducted at regular intervals and offered online (e-Learning) or in a classroom setting.

In addition, senior management or employees in relevant functions participate in compliance training on specific topics, such as anti-corruption.