Code of Conduct

The Bertelsmann Code of Conduct

One of the Code of Conduct's main objectives is to adequately sensitize everyone within the company about legal risks, applicable laws and company guidelines. The Code summarizes laws and other regulations relevant to Bertelsmann companies and provides guidance. It outlines binding minimum standards for responsible behavior toward business partners and the public, as well as for our behavior within the company. All of us - Supervisory Board, Executive Board, and employees - are obligated to adhere to the principles laid out in this Code.

In 21 principles, the Code outlines clear behavioral standards consolidated under "Basic requirements", "Corporate responsibility", "Business partners and third parties", as well as “Content, information and finance".

In addition, the Code provides a decision-making guide as well as information about the speak-up channels provided by the company for seeking advice or for confidentially and securely discussing concerns about potential misconduct.